Quarry Aggregates

Our quarries produce various aggregates that are used in the development and maintenance of road and railway infrastructure as well as in the construction industry. The various types of aggregates are as follows:

Type of Aggregates

Size of Aggregates

Usage and Applications

Crusher Run

2 inches and below

Base material for road construction and sometimes used as filler


3/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1 inch and 1.5 inches

Based material used in concrete, mortar, roadstone and asphalt premix

Armour Rock

1 foot to 6 feet

Used for reclamation works and break water works

Quarry Dust

Dust form

Base material for Premix Products, used as filler and substitute for sand

Quarry Waste

By-Product of Quarrying

Base material for Housing Platform, used as filler and substitute for sand


2 inches by 3 inches

Coarse stones or gravels laid to form a bed in railway track construction

Stone Column

2 inches by 3 inches

Used in the filling of stone columns to increase the tolerance of stress and liquefaction of sub-surface soil

6 by 9 Block

6 inches by 9 inches

Used for rubble retaining and drainage walls

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