Oxidized Bitumen (BS 3690:1989)

‌   A durable, water resistant, flexible and chemically stable material.
‌   Widely used as
        –  An anti-slip compound in the piling industry.
        –  Sound dampening felts.
        –  Under- carriage sealant in the automobile industry.
        –  Roofing felts.
        –  Electrical cable protection.
        –  Bituminous mastic for oil and gas pipeline joints.
‌   Available in grades: 85/25, 85/40, 115/15, 10/20, 90/15, 90/10
‌   Packaging: In plain/printed paper bags of 25kg, 40kg each.

Clean Blown Asphalt

Blown Asphalt Stacked in Pallets

Stocks of Blown Asphalt

Blown Asphalt packed and palletized

Blown Asphalt Ready for Shipment

Blown Asphalt ready to use

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