Core Businesses

Minetech Resources Berhad is an integrated turnkey service provider for the Quarry industry, encompassing all aspects of Quarry operations from drilling and blasting to rock crushing and marketing of the aggregates. In addition, Minetech Resources Berhad, through its subsidiaries, is also involved in Civil Engineering and Building Construction works, manufacturing and sales of road asphalt products and the manufacture and sales of Bituminous Products.


Quarry Services

Provision of Turnkey Quarry Operation Services

Key Activities

Quarry Rockface Development

Drilling & Controlled Blasting

Quarry Aggregates Production


Construction & Infrastructure

Civil Engineering & Building Construction Works

Key Services

Property Development

Civil & Infrastructure Works

Building Construction


Asphalt Premix

Production And Sales of Asphalt Premix Products

Key Products

Asphaltic Concrete Binder Course

Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course

Bituminous Macadam Binder Course

Bituminous Macadam Wearing Course


Bituminous Products

Manufacture And Sales Of Bituminous Products

Key Products

Bitumen Based Coating Enamel

Blown / Oxidized Bitumen

Bituminous Primer

Synthetic Primer

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