Type of Aggregates

Size of Aggregates

Usage and Applications

Crusher Run

2 inches and below

Base material for road construction and sometimes used as filler


3/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1 inch and 1.5 inches

Based material used in concrete, mortar, roadstone and asphalt premix

Armour Rock

1 foot to 6 feet

Used for reclamation works and break water works

Quarry Dust

Dust form

Base material for Premix Products, used as filler and substitute for sand

Quarry Waste

By-Product of Quarrying

Base material for Housing Platform, used as filler and substitute for sand


2 inches by 3 inches

Coarse stones or gravels laid to form a bed in railway track construction

Stone Column

2 inches by 3 inches

Used in the filling of stone columns to increase the tolerance of stress and liquefaction of sub-surface soil

6 by 9 Block

6 inches by 9 inches

Used for rubble retaining and drainage walls